Will you Step Forward with us?

We want to do all we can to support, encourage and equip you in your ministry with children, young people, young adults and family. So we are STEPPING FORWARD TOGETHER.

We have three opportunities coming up to help you prepare for the season ahead in ministry:

  • Online Learning Communities: earning communities are designed to support you in your ministry with children and young people. You will have the opportunity to connect with others in ministry from across the district or island, one evening a week for 6 weeks. Our hope is that they will offer you a space to ask questions, reflect, learn from others and that they act as a tool to spark imagination and creativity as you step forward into a new season in ministry.
  • Ministry Essentials Training: This course is designed for all those who are entering a new volunteer role working with children or young people or for those who have been involved for some time but want to build on already existing skills. Whether you are 18, 50 or somewhere in-between, we hope this short course will encourage you as you build on existing skills, learn some new ones and spend time putting into practice what you are learning, supported by another leader.
  • Engaging Beyond Church: If you have been asking these questions recently, or perhaps for some time now – then join us for a one off conversation as we explore what mission means and looks like in your context. We will be joined by a representative from the Home Missions department and from Youth For Christ as we dream, consider opportunities and perhaps begin to put into motion some of the ideas that have been stirring in our hearts, minds and churches as we step forward in ministry into a new season.

Find out more here: https://imycd.org/steppingforwardtogether/


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