We will be sharing words, verses, songs and pictures people recieved when taking part in our 24/7 virtual Prayer Room. If you would like to share something, please email us (office@imycd.org)!



Joseph took part in our 24/7 Prayer Room and recieved this picture from God:

“I got this image whilst doing an hour in the prayer room. It’s an image of a human chain forming across ice, where someone has fallen into the icy water. The understanding is that we are on very thin ice and everything is very daunting and uncertain, but that this still gives us an opportunity to reach people. If we join together we are capable of reaching those who have fallen into the cold water, with God as an anchor to keep us from all going under ourselves.”

Words in picture (Left to right):
You are greater than the dark
Black into beauty
Our weapon is a melody
The prayers of a righteous person has great power as it is working
I will praise you on the mountains, or when the mountain’s in my way
Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others
When waters rise I lift my eyes up to your throne
Natalie took part in our 24/7 Prayer Room and recieved two pictures from God:

“Firstly, I got an image of a firefly (see below). Fireflies spread light amongst the darkness they don’t do much on their own but they do do something, they make a difference the those around them. With this image I felt like God was saying that we need to be like fireflies, spreading a little light, positivity and love throughout this “darkness” and uncertainty.  Even though  we can’t gather together and be a big light together our small lights can all make the difference.”

“In my second session I got an image of God hugging the world, with the words “I am your comforter”, just a reminder to turn to God during this time for comfort, and to not forget that.”





“These are a few things I sensed God was saying in my prayer slots tonight…”

  • Have faith in the storm – God is in control
  • The lyrics of God of Miracles – “Let faith arise, for my Champion’s not dead He is alive. Oh, and he knows my every need, surely He will come and rescue me. God of miracles come, we need your supernatural love to break through. Nothing’s impossible, You’re the God of miracles.
  • Psalm 46 (to highlight a few verses) v1, v7, v10,
  • Shane and Shane – Psalm 46 (The Lord of Hosts) is a very powerful song that reminds us of the reassurance we have in God and just how powerful He is.
  • He’s got the whole world in His hands.
  • My love can cast out all your fear
  • My plan is still to prosper, I have not forgotten you. I am with you in the fire and the flood.
  • God is moving and wants us to delve in deeper with Him. This is an opportunity to do that.
  • Spirit of God come fall on this place, Lord have your way, Lord have your way with us.