Day four: Exodus 4

As I write this, I’m sitting in my favourite coffee shop. In front of me is a laptop and a large americano. In Exodus 4, Moses continues his worried, fearful spiel of him not being good enough for what God is asking Him to do. But how does God interrupt this time? He asks what is in his hand. What is right in front of him? I imagine a confused Moses saying “….em…. a staff?” as if it’s a trick question.

And that is the thing. God already knew what Moses had. God already equipped Him. Because it’s not about how unequipped we feel, it’s about knowing how equipped God has already made you by the time he calls you.

I’ve been asking myself what is right in front of me – what’s in my hand? Sometimes it’s a drum kit. Sometimes it’s a paintbrush and canvas. Sometimes it’s a pen and letter. You are able to have an impact for God. He has already equipped you to reach people – including people that others can’t reach.

Moses would use that staff to perform miracles in God’s power, strike water from a rock, part the red sea, and lead the people on a long old journey.

God had already equipped him. And I promise He has already equipped you.

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today: What is in your hand?