Day thirty-six: Exodus 36

Are some things too precious to you to give away?

This sentence, ‘The people bring much more than enough’, got me thinking. Are we more willing to give anything to God or will you act the same and be hesitant to offer anything? This sentence shows how blessed giving can be when we are free from human manipulation; willing hearts will always give what God desires and requires. If you pray into what you should offer, God will guide you to what He wants offered. And if we are all able to do this then we will meet what is required and be able to contribute to God’s blessed work.

When hearts are truly stirred, making the spirit willing and open to anything God desires then giving is robbed of all meanings and values. It stops being the centre to what people desire and how they hold it up to such a high value in their life. In life nothing is too precious and valuable to be given, with no amount being too much.

Sometimes we can place too much value on things we own or desire to own. Have a think about anything in your life right now that you may put too much value on. Would you be willing to offer that up to God for the cost of not having it again? And how much would you have to think about it before giving it away; or would you not think about it at all?

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today:  How much are you willing to give up to God?