Day thirty-seven: Exodus 37

We all love a trip to IKEA, in fact, it’s pretty much a day out.

In Exodus 37, there seems to be a recurring theme of the building materials between all the items of furniture. Acacia wood and gold. Not quite the medium density fibreboard and cardboard of IKEA furniture.

These building materials of Acacia wood and gold are really important which is why they were used for making all the furniture. But they weren’t the cheapest or easiest to work with. We see the Israelites being instructed to make the ark, the table, the lampstand and the altar of incense to go in the tabernacle out of these materials. But they also weren’t light materials. The Israelites have been out of Egypt for some time now but are constantly on the move. You’d think something a bit lighter than acacia wood and gold would make more sense, but no. God told them to use these materials and if we’ve learnt anything throughout Exodus, it’s that God gives specific instructions and we must be obedient. So the Israelites were obedient and did it just the way they were told.One of the benefits of this acacia wood is that it was really really strong. It could handle being constantly moved around and it lasted for years. God knew what he was doing.

God also didn’t choose anything less than what was deserved. Nothing in the tabernacle was modest or of lesser quality – it was high quality. Nothing was held back. And this is the same for us. We shouldn’t boast with anything else in life, but when it comes to God, we can’t hold anything back.

The lyrics of the song ‘I Will Boast in Christ’ by Hillsong Worship come to mind.

“I will boast in Christ alone

His righteousness

And not my own”

As I have read Exodus 37 over and over this is all I see. When it comes to God, nothing should be held back. We need to give God our all. These luxury materials used in the furniture was one way of how the Israelites gave their all to God. How can we give our all to God?

Come and see what God has done.

(Here’s the link to the song


Question for today:  How can you give your all to God?