Day thirty-seven: Exodus 38

Thankfully for the Israelites, the instructions God gave them were much more detailed than the little cartoons we get with our flatpack furniture.

Exodus 38 has more blueprints from God in it. One of the big ones being the altar of burnt offering. I wonder whilst Bezalel was building this altar if he realised the significance of it, after all, there were many altars throughout the Bible where people offered sacrifices to God.

Those altars that had been used were a way of God connecting with his people. God had been breaking the barrier between heaven and earth with fire that came down to consume the offering. These altars were constant physical proof that God wanted to have relationships with his people and to cross the divide that was caused by sin. They were evidence that heaven and earth were not unrelated worlds – that the God of our world is the God of the universe and the God of the heavens.

The altars of stone, the altar Bezalel built and the altars to follow all signified one thing – Promise. They were a promise from God that when Jesus died as a lamb at the slaughter, the divide caused by sin between us and God would be eternally breached. The split that sin caused was only ever going to be temporary.

Right now, as we prepare ourselves for Good Friday we need to remember the altars and the promise that they are evidence of. Jesus came as the ultimate sacrifice. The cross as the altar. Thanks to Jesus, sin has no hold on any of us. The split that sin caused was temporary. We are free to have a relationship with God because of Jesus. He’s our direct line.

Come and see what God has done.

Question for today: What does the promise these altars represent mean to you?