Day thirty-four: Exodus 34

Have you ever seen something that has made you speechless?

Well when God showed Himself to Moses, I think that he would be too amazed to come up with words. Well I know that if it was to happen to me it would definitely take a while until I would be able to say anything. How would you react if God showed Himself to you?

In this chapter it says, “Now the LORD descended in the cloud and stood with him there”, The cloud mentioned was no doubt the cloud of glory known as the Shekinah glory and it is a visible manifestation of God on earth, whose presence is portrayed through a natural occurrence. This cloud is mentioned many times in the Bible and Shekinah Glory means “He caused to dwell,” referring to the divine presence of God.

Because Moses did what God told him to do in Exodus 33:21-23, he experienced what God said he would,  “And the LORD passed before him”  Moses was able to see “behind” the LORD and experience as much of God’s glory as he could possibly take in. Moses was extremely obedient to God because in all that he was told to do, he did it even when it must have been scary at times and because of this he was able to experience as much of God’s glory that he could humanly experience.

Are you as obedient as Moses? Or are there times when you just can’t be bothered to do what you have been told so you put it off and forget about it? In order for us to see and experience God’s glory we first need to always obey God. So, challenge yourself if that is what you struggle with to try and keep obeying God and keep asking for forgiveness when you don’t obey Him. If the order scares you, then pray for God’s comfort, courage and strength because He will never tell you to do something if He knows you cannot do it, He is always beside you. We should all encourage those around us to do the same and then you can create an agreement to hold each other accountable to follow orders.

Come and see what God has done.

Question for today:  How desperate are you to experience God’s glory?