Day thirty-one: Exodus 31

“You is smart, You is kind, You is important!” – This quote from ‘The Help’ is one that me and my school friend group used to use all the time to remind each other of the truth. I can still nearly always hear it in one of my best friend’s voices!

What I particularly love about the last few chapters of Exodus we’ve been reading is that God really shows us that he believes these words about us. We see Moses raised up as a leader, Miriam raised up as a worship leader, Aaron raised up as a priest, and in this chapter we see Bezalel and Oholiab raised up as craftsmen.

Maybe those first three things are what you’d think of when imagining doing God’s work – leader, worshipper, priest, and you weren’t so quick to imagine craftsmanship but what if I told you that the Bible is a narrative that includes all? There is not one type of kind. There is not one type of smart. There is not one type of important!

Bezalel and Oholiab are equipped by God with their skills. I don’t know whether either of them could sing, or lead, or speak well, but they sure could build, make artistic designs, and work with multiple materials!

There’s something so beautiful about the partnership of a willing child of God and the Father. Because when they realise that they are important to God and equipped with whatever skills God has given them, then incredible things happen. This partnership is unstoppable.

Poder how God sees you. Think about what gifts he has given you, Even if they’re not the up-on-stage classics, know that he will partner with you with what you do have!

Exodus has a character we can each relate to – maybe yours is today’s!

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today:  How are you going to partner with God?