Day three: Exodus 3

Welcome to one of the major Sunday school classics. Moses and the burning bush. My mum must have tonnes of burning bush crafts lying in the attic. But I’ve never thought “why?”. Why do we so naturally pass this story on from generation to generation. Maybe because it’s really interesting. Maybe because it’s so clearly God interacting with people just like us. Maybe because it’s so easy to relate to Moses. But just because you know this story doesn’t mean we can’t dig deeper.

I’ll let you read it yourself, but long story short Moses comes across a burning bush in the desert, God speaks through it and send him on a mission to Pharaoh to set the people of Israel free from slavery and that life we looked at a few days ago. Let’s take a look at verse 10 – “therefore, go. I am sending you to Pharaoh so that you may lead my people, the Israelites, out of Egypt”

I’m never quick to ignore the word “therefore” in the Bible. There is always an action required afterwards, but there is always something to cling to. And in this case, what comes before “therefore” is God’s blessing on what is about to happen – his explanation of His heart for His people, and a promise of deliverance. Moses isn’t just going; he’s going in the name of YAHWEH (v14).

Moses felt inadequate. Moses had a rough past full of mistakes. Moses focused on his flaws. Moses had never done anything like this before. But Yahweh is none of these. He is more than adequate, He is perfect, He is flawless, He is omnipotent and omnipresent.

God’s name is SO significant. There’s a reason LORD is written in all caps and that weird font in your Bible. Every time you see that, it’s God’s name. And actually, when people were writing copies of the Old Testament, they had to wipe the pen and wash their entire bodies every time they wrote it -that’s how sacred and powerful it is. I’d have had 6 showers by now in this devotional!

That is the name Moses went out in. That is the name that brought deliverance. That is the name we go in in our everyday life to when we follow him. In our shopping, in our serving, in our eating, in our talking…. We go in God’s name.

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today: How will knowing that you go in God’s name affect how you live your everyday life?