Day two: Exodus 2

I wonder how many times I’ve skimmed over this chapter. Moses is born – cool. Put in a basket – yep, sweet. Down the river he goes – class. And he’s saved – yay! But this story wouldn’t work without the details. It would work without his mother’s courage and faith. It wouldn’t work without his sister Miriam’s protective watch. It wouldn’t work without Pharaoh’s daughter’s heart for a child in need.

This chapter is such a journey. Moses’ mother hid him and then fearlessly placed him in a basket (v1-3) Miriam “stood at a distance to see what would happen” (v4) Pharaoh’s daughter rescues this child from the water (v5-6) Miriam links all the people together, saying to Pharaoh’s daughter that she will find a nurse for this baby – and plot twist is Moses’ mother!


These three women are crucial to this passage, Moses just chills in a basket. Each of these women live out who they were made to be (courageous, watchful, and merciful) and are a link in the chain. You don’t have to be the whole chain! Be YOU, be the link you need to be! The way God has made you to be combined with the opportunities that he has provided you with all add up to how you can be used by Him for amazing things. These three women were part of Moses rescue, what will you be part of?

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today: What has God created you like and how can you use that for Him?