Day twenty-two: Exodus 22

We all like being treated equally and fairly, don’t we?

This is a continuation to the Laws for Judges stated by God.

You may be reading the laws about property and repercussions for what happens when items get damaged, stolen, or killed and think to yourself “how does this relate to my life?”. Well, “If a man steals an ox or a sheep…” this command goes on to state what is to happen to the thief as a consequence and as a way to create justice throughout Israel. We can take from this command as if it is talking about, let’s say, cars or phones; and if they are stolen, the thief should return the items back to you, restoring how it was before because that is just fair isn’t it? We learn that there are always consequences to our actions, either positive or negative.

We also read about how we should treat strangers, “You shall neither mistreat a stranger nor oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.” We are challenged on the way we act towards strangers; it can be so easy to look after ourselves and our loved ones but are you concerned about how the people around you are coping with situations, especially in recent times we need to remember to look out for and ask people  if they need help and how you can assist them with that. Is there someone who you can think of right now who might need help and if so, check up on them.

We should be a blessing to those who we know but also for those who just see us in the street or in shops. Let’s radiate God’s love through our way of life and look after those around us especially with everything that is going on.

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today: What different ways can you show God’s love and care to those around you? And I challenge you to act upon it if you are able to.