Day sixteen: Exodus 16

6 large packs of toilet roll and 4 packs of kitchen roll. This is what a lady in front of my friend in Dunnes purchased todayl. Maybe slightly excessive but it was probably an instinct for her to stock up in the face of this virus. And actually it reminds me of what we read of in today’s chapter.

Exodus 16 introduces us to manna – bread from heaven that God provided. But let’s see the slight twist. “The people are to go out each day and gather enough for that day” (v4). There was no stocking up from Tesco. There was no stuffing as much as you can in your backpack. Because this chapter is rooted in God’s promise that He will provide enough. That each morning there will be manna. That each morning He will not leave them empty handed.

Verse 20 shows us what happened when people didn’t trust in God providing and their lovely bread is wrecked with maggots and rot. Tasty.

“They gathered it every morning” (Exodus 16:21). God still gives us “manna” every day, it just looks a little different. What God provides is new every morning – His mercy, joy, voice, teaching, love… so make sure that you’re gathering it every day! Claim what He gives. We are the ones receiving and benefiting here from God’s good grace. He is giving, but are you actually receiving? Are you only claiming it some days?

“Why would God want to give me joy?” – you’re taking yourself out of that place of receiving. “I can’t be bothered today” – you’re taking yourself out of that place. “I can’t pray for peace, I don’t deserve that” – you’re taking yourself out of that place. Each morning, receive from the giver.

Spend time with Him every day to be truly satisfied by the manna.

Come and see what God has done.

Question for today: What do you need to receive?