Day twelve: Exodus 12

Is life with God an easy recipe to follow?

Just like in Exodus 9, God gives very specific instructions to Moses about the Passover and Festival of Unleavened Bread. It’s like that one really complicated recipe in the recipe book that we are kind of worried to try just in case we muck it up.

Step 1 – get a lamb, it must be a 1 year old and it has to be perfect

Step 2 – look after said lamb for a few days

Step 3 – slaughter thon lamb at twilight

Step 4 – paint the blood around your door

Step 5 – eat the lamb (roast it with its head, organs and legs still attached, add some bitter herbs and some unleavened bread and bon appetit! But of course, don’t forget to tuck your cloak in, wear your sandals and hold your staff while eating it)

Step 6 – burn the leftovers

Some fairly intense instructions for this meal, but then again it would have to be considering what happens if you don’t do it! You see, just like in Exodus 9, Moses didn’t question God as to why it was so specific and neither did the rest of the Israelites. They followed his instructions to the word. I wonder how often we do that? Okay so maybe we don’t have the impending visit that’s going to cause all the firstborns to die if we don’t do what God says, but why do we treat everyday life differently? Are we scared? Unsure that it’s actually God? Or do we just ‘not have time’?

See here’s the thing. With God on our side we have nothing to fear, he defeated death, what more could you ask for. Unsure it’s actually God? Well you don’t see the people in the Bible testing it to see if it is from God, they just do it. God isn’t going to put you in harm’s way. Too busy? Everyone’s busy, but I’m sure there’s something you can give up each day, to make time for God, to actually do what he says.

The second half of this chapter is entitled ‘The Exodus’. Finally we see God’s people set free from slavery in Egypt. But that’s not the trials over yet. All they had were the clothes on their backs, their unleavened bread and their livestock. Nothing too luxurious. You see, this was just the start of their journey but they trusted God and his provision for them. Again they didn’t question it, but got up and went.

What I took from this chapter is that we need to be more like these people, not questioning what God tells us to do but rather just doing it, even when it is complicated it seems impossible.

Come and see what God has done.


Question for today: How will you respond to the instructions God gives you this week?