Day fifteen: Exodus 15

Are you spontaneous?

Maybe you are, I know I’m not really.

Nowadays spontaneity seems to be when you make a last minute decision to go on holiday or to turn up at the airport and buy the cheapest flight possible.

For the Israelites, this song of worship was spontaneous. It wasn’t a pre-existing song, it was them singing out what was in their hearts. I wonder how often the songs we sing on a Sunday morning are the songs we have in our hearts?

Are we truly giving God our all when we aren’t singing the song in our hearts?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the planning and organising that we leave no room for spontaneity. We leave no room in our plans for God to move and change things. How many times have you been in church and felt like it is so planned out that it almost sounds scripted?

It’s something that scares most of us – being spontaneous in worship. But it’s something that is so worth it. Just like the Israelites in this chapter spontaneously burst out singing, we have the freedom to be spontaneous in worship. Singing what God has put on your heart. Praying for what God has placed in your life. Because of Jesus we have freedom to be spontaneous. So why aren’t we?

Come and see what God has done.

Question for today: How can you be more spontaneous in your worship?