You are invited to join us on Saturday 5th OR Sunday 6th September for our Big Scrumptious Faith-filled Feast!

We are commanded in Psalm 78 – ‘tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done’. As the church, how are we getting on with that? The Big Scrumptious faith-filled Feast is a great way to do this! This is an opportunity for us as the church to gather as family, share food and share faith.

Youth and children’s activities may not be back as ‘normal’ for a while yet, but as we begin a new term – let’s invite the whole church to be part of this. Encourage children and young people to get involved along with their families, personally invite individuals, young couples and remember to include those who perhaps are not biological parents but who are spiritual parents. This is for the whole church family, whatever that looks like!

You may choose to have a picnic in the park and ask families to bring their own picnic blanket and lunch. Or you may want to encourage families to ‘feast’ at home together or with one other family – but let’s do it at the same time, together.

Do what works best for you but KEEP IT SIMPLE! The point is to be church family together, to share food and share faith. As a wider Methodist Church family across the island, let’s be united as we share faith across the generations!

Register below and find an all age worship guide that can be easily adapted for being together or for online worship. We would also love to know if you are planning to host a feast so please get in touch if you have any more questions or need some guidance.

To register your feast and receive free resources click here.