A message from Gillian Gilmore, IMYC team leader, “2021: I will plan in hope“.








To say this year has not been easy, is probably an understatement. Yet in the midst of the difficult, we have seen kindness, generousity, creativity and community spirit rise up.

We have continued to be the church, in our homes, with our neighbours, on zoom, constantly adapting to the ever-changing situation around us. Youth and Children’s work and ministry has adapted too, we have done what we can and been creative to find solutions with what we can’t. We have reimagined and laid down some of what we always did, to find new ways of walking and serving young people and children. By the time we step into 2021 it will have been over 9 months for some young people and children since they were involved in their usual youth and children’s activities. That’s a long time, in the life of a child or young person, in a season of their lives when faith and identity forming in community is so important.

I want to highlight for you a ‘youth ministry pledge’ that I have been involved in writing, with the TOGETHER group from the wider youth ministry family (click here to open). It is a series of statements of things we will continue to be committed to or begin to be committed to in 2021… As you read it, ask yourself is there one or more that God might be highlighting as significant or important to focus on in your context moving forward. For me the one that I am holding onto firmly, is ‘I will plan in hope.’ It’s hard to plan in times of uncertainty, but I will keep planning, believing that as the church we must continue to respond to these uncertain times by serving young people and children in any way we can.

As a team we will be stopping soon for some well-deserved rest, so we wanted to highlight an important ‘save the date’ for 2021, put the dates in your diary and watch out for more information in the new year. We also want to highlight a new bible engagement resource that the Bible Society NI have produced to help young people, children and families engage with the BIG STORY of the Bible throughout 2021 (click here for more information).

I want to leave you with verses of scripture that I am holding onto over these weeks, as we continue to be people of the light, believing that no darkness can ever extinguish the light that Jesus, God with us, brings.

‘The Word gave life to everything that was created,

And his life brought light to everyone.

The light shines in the darkness,

And the darkness can never extinguish it.‘ (John 1 v 4-5)

IMYC staff will be taking a break, finishing on the 18th of December and returning on the 4th of January.