Soulmates Weekend is our National event for 9-13-year olds.

We want to see every child learn more about God, the Bible and themselves through energetic and engaging worship, teaching, entertainment and workshops. Our team of volunteers create safe environments where children can have fun and grow in their personal relationships with Jesus.

Soulmates Weekend 2021

This year Soul Mates went ONLINE! We gathered together for an online programme focusing on worship, prayer, fun and community. We discovered how we can “GO, in the promises of God!”

Click the links below to watch and download. Feel free to use this online content in your ministry setting or at home with your kids!



JOURNAL (with fun activities & devotionals)


About the Event

Soul Mates Weekend is a worship and teaching event for 9-13 year olds run by IMYC (the Irish Methodist Youth & Children’s Department.) Around 270 children and their leaders attend the weekend from all over Ireland. We meet in Lurgan for a weekend of teaching, fun, worship and church-floor sleeping. We have a team of over 120 people who help put the weekend programme together.
Anyone between the ages of 9 and 13 is allowed to come, provided that they are accompanied by a leader. Whilst Soul Mates is not solely for Christian or ‘churched’ children, the primary focus of the weekend is worship and teaching, so an explanation of what will happen would be a good thing for the children to hear, especially before the weekend. If you have a child who will turn 9 before the end of this school year, they are permitted to attend the weekend. Children who turn 9 in the following school year will unfortunately not be permitted.
The general pattern is thus:

  • Worship & Teaching on Friday night, Saturday morning & evening and Sunday morning
  • Seminars after worship on Saturday morning (two of each) and workshops after lunch (two of each)
  • Entertainment on Friday night after worship (multiple venues) and our world-famous Soul Stars talent competition after worship on Saturday night.
Soul Mates Weekend is organised by IMYC, and we have a group of volunteers who spend the year putting the programme together. We have a band of musicians and worshippers who lead worship, a trained prayer team, an enthusiastic bunch of stewards and a team of professional sound, visual & lighting engineers.

Getting to Soul Mates

Registration at Jethro centre opens at 18.30. Halls will also be open from 18:30 for leaving in baggage. Worship begins in Jethro at 20.00.
Take your group to the hall that you have been assigned for accommodation, where stewards will direct you where to leave your bags. Send your main leader to the Jethro Centre for Registration. At Registration, you will receive your pack with:

  • weekend passes for each member of your group;
  • maps & timetables;
  • leader’s guide;
  • group name sheets (for you to mark out your territory for sleeping);
  • confirmation of workshop & seminar choices.
Centrepoint is the nerve centre for Soul Mates Weekend. It is where Registration will take place on Friday night. If you have any questions over the weekend, come to Centrepoint, and Lost Property can be found there as well.


When you come into the Jethro Centre, Centrepoint is immediately on your right. It will be open all weekend.
If you are fully paid up, with no changes to your group numbers, then FastTrack Registration is the queue for you. Otherwise join the other queue and hopefully you’ll be done in a few minutes.

Booking Soul Mates

Please let IMYC know asap if you have children withdrawing from the weekend. If a child pulls out last minute we may have to retain £10/€10.
Soul Mates Weekend employs the Safeguarding Policy ‘Taking Care’. Please familiarise yourself with this document. If you require a copy, you can get one on, from your minister or IMYC.
Please bring two copies of the forms to the weekend. Please keep one copy for the main leader to have (at all times) and give one copy into Centrepoint at Registration.
If any of your parents have refused photo permission, please make us aware at Registration, and we will take appropriate steps. Please note we should be supplied with passport photos to aid us in this process.
The main group leader needs to be over 21, the other leaders need to be over 18. If you want to bring junior leaders, they can come from age 17, however, they then need to be considered as children for ratios. The ratios are one leader (gender specific) for each 8 children. Please ensure that you have enough leaders.
Once everything has been booked for the weekend, if you want to increase your numbers, contact IMYC and they will be added to our over-all waiting list. This will be operated on a ‘one-in one-out’ basis. Please don’t bring extra children to the weekend as they may be turned away.

Accommodation & Catering Soul Mates

You will be staying in one of four halls:

  • High Street Methodist (HSM);
  • St Saviour’s Dollingstown (SSD);
  • Jethro Centre (JC);
  • High Street Presbyterian (HSP).

These will be allocated prior to the weekend. Please note that there will only be limited access to the halls during the day, so please plan accordingly.

We ask that the leaders sleep separately from their children, whilst staying in the same room. This means that leaders can still supervise their children, but still observe Taking Care Guidelines.
Yes, sadly for some, there is. We have lights off at midnight and everyone is expected to be asleep by 00.30. Group leaders are responsible for settling their children.
In each of the halls, there will be a team of volunteers to assist you however you are responsible for the safety discipline within your group. They will host a leaders’ meeting at the earliest chance in the halls on Friday night after the evening programme.
Sleeping bag, pillow, roll mat/ air bed (if desired);

  • pocket money;
  • sports gear (if participating in any of the sporting workshops);
  • wash bag & towel;
  • several changes of clothes;
  • Bible, notebook & pen.
All of your meals are already provided as part of the cost. The meals will be served as follows:

  • Breakfast: In your own halls (please help serve the children in your group);
  • Saturday Lunch: In Kings Park Primary School;
  • Saturday Tea: In your own halls Friday
  • Saturday Supper: Jethro Centre Soul Mates Weekend is a Nut Free Zone, so please ensure that none of your children or leaders bring or eat anything with nut products.
It is most important that you include any dietary requirements on the application form to enable us to cater for your group.
We have ordered enough food for all of the participants and we do not want that food to go to waste. However, if you wish to treat your group with some fast food the best time would be after Soul Stars on Saturday night.

Seminars, Workshops & Entertainment

The seminars are the time when we go deeper into the overall theme of the weekend, and as such are spiritual in design. They are held in Kings Park Primary School which is a 5-minute walk from Jethro. The workshops are a chance to have some fun, take part in some physical or practical activities and let off a bit of steam. On Saturday afternoon, the Workshops are held in various churches around Lurgan. We will use High Street Methodist (HSM); Queen Street Methodist (QSM) and High Street Presbyterian (HSP).
We split our seminars into two slots: sessions 1 & 2. No booking is required for seminars this year as they will be managed by IMYC at time of booking. All of your group will be together. Groups can book into workshops once booking has been confirmed by IMYC. Spaces are limited, and will be allocated on a strictly first-come first-served basis.
You can book on IMYC’s website. You must rank all the workshops in order of preference. As workshops fill up, your group will be moved to the next available choice. We release the list of workshops in time for your children to choose which workshops they want to go to. Please be aware that spaces in many of these are limited, and therefore allocated on a first-come, first served basis. Book as early as you can to ensure your children get at least one of their choices. Once your choices have been filtered into the system, you will be informed of the Workshops that your children have been allocated.
No, due to insurance guidelines, you need to be on the premises at all times. However, the staff room (with tea & coffee laid on!) is open if you want a break during session 1 only. You must go to the second session with your group.
Soul Stars is our talent show, which we hold on the Saturday evening. It is open to any child or group of children at Soul Mates wishing to enter (1 entry per group). The overall winner will walk away with the much-coveted Soul Stars trophy.
You can either book through the website, or you can fill out the hard copy included in your booking pack and send it back to IMYC before the weekend, or give it to Tina Barnett at Centrepoint by 10pm on Friday evening. (Tina will be running Centrepoint).

Weekend Practicalities

We are inclusive and will do all we can to help everyone have the best possible experience at Soul Mates Weekend. Please let us know about particular requirements at the booking stage and we will endeavour to put in place the procedures that we need.
The stewards are paying volunteers at Soul Mates Weekend to ensure the smooth running of the event. They wear bright yellow t-shirts, if you have any questions, please ask them and be patient while they try to get you an answer. They are not there to discipline your group, so please ensure that you control your groups.
We run a café on the Friday night which will sell some hot drinks and some treats. There will be supper provided which is included in the cost of the weekend. All of the campers have some free time on the Saturday afternoon which some choose to spend in the local Pick’n’mix.
There may be some people who would like to take a bit of time to pray. With that in mind, we have a Prayer Team who have all been through prayer ministry training. They will be there over the course of the weekend wearing blue t-shirts.
At night:

Contact the key volunteer in your halls, who will contact the First Aider on duty.

During the day:
Come to Centrepoint and they will contact the First Aider on duty.

In an emergency:
Contact the emergency Number which will be provided at the weekend.

Anymore questions?

Call us on +44 (0) 28 9076 7960 or an e-mail us at