Recently TOM29 went on missionto the Enniskillen Circuit and they were there for a whole week. Have a wee read at what Rev Darrin Thompson had to say about their stay:

February was the month designated to the Lakelands district to take part in the wider Connexional call to prayer that the Methodist Church in Ireland is doing this year. When it finally came to the turn of Florencecourt Methodist to host 24 hours of prayer it was shaping up to be a very busy weekend, but it was one that was filled with blessings. I was thankful that this happened to coincide with TOM Team being on the Enniskillen Circuit, and so they were able to use their experience and knowledge to set up the space. There were stations for personal prayer, prayer for family & friends, prayer for our communities, prayer for the Methodist Church, prayer for the local church and lastly but certainly not least, a station of adoration, confession and thanksgiving to God. It was a fantastic set up and God did not disappoint through it.

While the number of people attending was not huge, there was a steady flow of people coming in and out of the prayer room during the 24 hours. We also had designated times of corporate prayer where we met to pray for the Methodist church and the wider community. For an hour during the afternoon I had the wonderful opportunity to take a kids prayer hour, which for me was one of the most blessed times of the 24 hours. The kids has such simple prayers, yet what struck me was the 100% confidence in them that God would answer these prayers.

Everyone commented on how peaceful the space was and how much they could feel God’s presence. Our young people, along with TOM Team, stayed up through the night and made sure someone was in the room at all times praying. We were able to have a worship session from 1am-2am which was a personal highlight for me because the opportunity to simply sit in God’s presence and soak in it is not something I often get the chance to do anymore.

The 24 hours finished again with worship led by TOM Team who gave people the space to share about their experiences of the prayer room, which a few did and many were encouraged because of this openness.

Our blessings did not finish there. On Sunday morning we reflected on the topic of obedience and how our obedience is always met with the power and presence of God. This obedience to God was powerfully demonstrated by two of our young people that afternoon as they publicly declared their faith in Jesus Christ and were baptised by full immersion, an event I was proudly able to preside over.

It has been wonderful to hear of the many stories coming out of the connexion in this year of prayer, and I can only hope that the rest of the island and district were as blessed as we were in Florencecourt over this very special weekend. We are thankful for God’s goodness and challenge to us as a church, and are excited to where He is leading us next.