‘All In’ is a 5-session resource for young Irish Methodists that helps us explore Mission in the every day. It was created in cooperation with Methodist Missionary Society, Methodist World Development and Relief and Methodist Home Missions. Here’s what Youth Worker Paula Lough had to say about the resource:

I’ve been going through ‘All In’ with our Youth Fellowship for the last few weeks, we’re just about ready to start session 4 and so far they’ve really enjoyed it! 

The young people have all said how different it is to a lot of the resources we’ve used in previous times. They’re loving it because you can tell that the stories and people involved are real. Many of my young people were able to point out names, faces or projects that they knew and that made them even more excited to learn about what God’s up to. 

It’s stirred up something within them and parents have spoken to me about how their children are telling them that they are missionaries and that they want to do more… which is class!

I have really enjoyed using it! It’s easy to follow and the videos, audio clips, etc attached and available from google drive make it really easy to find something to fit the angle I’m going with.

It’s made me excited about mission again and seeing my young people get passionate about the things God is doing here and overseas is so great! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Hard print and electronic copies of the resource are still available. For more information, please get in contact with our Training & Development Officer Leanne at leannehill@imycd.org.