IMYC Online Prayer Rooms

How to take part:  1 – Sign up to pray for an hour 2 – [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day28

Day twenty-eight: Exodus 28 “Now I like dollars, I like diamonds,I like stunting, I like [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day27

Day twenty-seven: Exodus 27 Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Whether it’s a [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day26

Day twenty-six: Exodus 26 Have you ever tried sewing? Maybe you’re a pro or maybe [...]

Overflow 2020 Postponed

Due to recent changes being made in light of the Coronavirus, Overflow 2020 will be [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day25

Day twenty-five: Exodus 25 Have you ever had something offered to you? So, whether your [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day24

Day twenty-four: Exodus 24 Have you ever had to come to an agreement with someone [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day23

Day twenty-three: Exodus 23 Do you act differently around people who you don’t like? This [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day22

Day twenty-two: Exodus 22 We all like being treated equally and fairly, don’t we? This [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day21

Day twenty-one: Exodus 21 Have you ever felt treated unfairly or not respected?  Well this [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day20

 Day twenty: Exodus 20 “Isn’t Christianity just a bunch of rules?”... “Don’t you have that [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day19

 Day nineteen: Exodus 19 There’s many a time I’ve promised I would do something and [...]