Lent Devotionals | #Day37

Day thirty-seven: Exodus 37 We all love a trip to IKEA, in fact, it’s pretty [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day36

Day thirty-six: Exodus 36 Are some things too precious to you to give away? This [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day35

  Day thirty-five: Exodus 35 Do you prefer more thoughtful gifts or more expensive gifts? [...]

Holy Week Resources

  "This is a Holy week and Easter like no other – but we are [...]

Lent Devotionals | #PalmSunday

 Palm Sunday Read the four accounts of Jesus coming into Jerusalem. Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day34

 Day thirty-four: Exodus 34 Have you ever seen something that has made you speechless? Well [...]


  Let's pray, let's kneel, let's lift His name up. People across all of Ireland [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day33

 Day thirty-three: Exodus 33 “I don’t want to leave here! This has just been so [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day32

Day thirty-one: Exodus 32 You know those movie scenes where the teacher leaves the classroom [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day31

Day thirty-one: Exodus 31 “You is smart, You is kind, You is important!” - This [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day30

Day thirty: Exodus 30 As I was reading through Exodus 30 there was one thing [...]

Lent Devotionals | #Day29

Day twenty-nine: Exodus 29 “A RACRIRICE?” - Scooby Doo (2002 film) That’s what Exodus 29 [...]