The lovely Miss Emma Fawcett who works for Scripture Union Ireland and is a member of our IMYC family as she serves on our Executive Committee, has reviewed a new and exciting resource for youth ministry called ‘NUA’. Here is what she has to say:


Christianity in Ireland has been waiting a long time for a resource like NUA. Without the excuse of “it’s not culturally relevant” or “it’s a bit cringy” people have no choice but to actually address the questions that are being asked of them.  NUA is not about providing the answers, NUA is all about exploration: it’s a film series that encourages questions, acknowledges doubt, and offers an engaging perspective on the Christian faith.

People may think I’m slightly biased as I work for Scripture Union, but be encouraged that despite the fact I must endure working in an office with Jonny Somerville (Host of NUA Film Series) and put up with his bad jokes, I am still telling you all that this is a something you need to have as part of your youth work ministry.

NUA (which means ‘new’ in Irish for my fellow Northerners) consists of 8 x 15 minute short movies on topics such as “How did we get here?”, “Why do I like Jesus, but struggle with Christians?”, “What about the Resurrection?”, “What’s Jesus got to do with me?”.

The temptation would be to simply show these videos and wait for deep theological conversations, but may I beg of you to not do this injustice to your ministry. The film series is complemented by a facilitators guide which provides ideas to introduce the theme, questions to discuss mid-episode, ideas for further discussion and a clear outline of the aims and objectives of the episode. NUA will be the most invaluable to you if you take the time to use this guide. The USB (the method of delivering the videos to you) also contains artwork and logos for your promotional work as well as short 2 minute videos to equip you as a leader.

There is also a journal available for participants to write thoughts in, challenges, questions and the hope is that these will be journals that people will keep for years. It’s worth getting these for your Youth Fellowship and get them reflecting upon the conversations.

As someone who is from N. Ireland, has lived in Dublin for 10 years and was a youth pastor in the Methodist Church for over 7 years, let me tell you that you should use this resource with your teens and young adults and get conversations flowing.

Jonny, in repayment for stealing my chocolate, has agreed to let you all see Episode One for free. So click on this link for your freebie and check out for any more information and orders.