#MeToo is a one-of-a-kind, creative Bible study event focussing on our response to sexual violence.

Biblical Storyteller Wendy Johnston will help us enter into the shocking and difficult story of Tamar from 2 Samuel 13. Then Hebrew Bible Scholar Katie Heffelfinger will lead us through a dynamic Bible study, feeding in helpful context, suggesting good questions to ask and facilitating discussions that move from initial reactions to response. Finally, Grace McGurk will point us towards prayer and action that we can take as we allow ourselves to be shaped by scripture. There will also be a prayer team on hand and an opportunity to refer anyone who has been personally affected.

Participants will leave with:

  • Increased confidence to engage with difficult stories in scripture.
  • A set of transferable questions for Bible study.
  • A “Further Reading” list of scriptures.
  • A book recommendation.
  • Contact details for local agencies.
  • Their own notes on scripture and responding to sexual violence
  • Their own points for personal prayer.

Invite and bring your friends along to this significant event- both because of the importance of the issue and because it models how we can study scripture in a way that shapes us and speaks to the most difficult areas of life.