An interactive telling of the Christmas Story

Follow the Star has been specifically designed for children under 9 years old from mainstream schools, special schools and from church organisations. Children are drawn into the heart of the story as the adults get to play the roles of a hassled Innkeeper’s wife, an excited Angel Gabriel, an expectant Mary, a humbled Joseph, a hapless shepherd, an awe-struck Wiseman and an irate Herod.


In 2004 our children’s ministry coordinator Janette McCormick asked God for a dream. Inspired by a trip to the annual Christmas Panto, she noticed how engaged children where as they were invited to be participants in the show. She wondered could this be a way to expose children to the true meaning of Christmas. After much prayer, preparation and hard work ‘Follow the Star’ (FTS) was born Christmas 2006. Over the years IMYC has reached thousands of children, connected with numerous schools across the province and collaborated with many churches through FTS. It has surpassed all our expectations and has provided the department with the opportunity to connect with children from special needs education.


Follow the Star brings the true meaning of Christmas alive in a way that allows children be a part of the story and feel the awe and wonder of that very first Christmas. Children rarely see the nativity story acted out by adults; it tends to be the other way around. Follow the Star is unique as it allows the children to be participants in the audience, watching excitedly and interacting with real life characters as adults play their roles. It is our intention that each character captures the children’s attention by stirring the imagination of what life may have been like that first Christmas. The children rotate in their seats as the actors bring the story to life around them.

“For us as a church family, we see that Follow the Star is a great way to partner with local schools and share God’s heart for people through the Christmas story. We’ve run Follow the Star for nearly 10 years now and because of this ongoing partnership, we regularly get opportunities to speak in assemblies or invitations to special events in the local schools.”

– Mark Hand, Youth Worker at High Street Methodist Church (Lurgan)

“This was my second time going to follow the star and I thought it was amazing. I loved all the helpers who helped us to make crafts who told us the story.”

– Olivia aged 8

  “God made me a lover of Christmas and I loved the drama, especially the funny shepherd!”

– Reuben, age 6


If your church is interested in hosting Follow the Star the first contact is with IMYC and specifically Janette McCormick. Conversation then takes place to explain what it is, how it works and the commitment expected from the local Church. It is advised that conversations begin between a year to 9 months prior to event to allow for preparation to take place. We also suggest that you visit a session at a host Church as this experience provides a deeper understanding of the ethos of Follow the Star.

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