Autumn Soul is a national event for young people across the island of Ireland.

It has been purposely designed to give young people the space they need to meet Jesus in fresh ways and encounter the Holy Spirit. But it’s not just about feeling safe, warm and cosy, it’s about taking up the challenge to advance your walk with Christ and serve Him with all your heart.

Join us for #AutumnSoul20 ARISE!

Autumn Soul Online is more than watching someone on a screen! We are expectant and excited about being together even though we are physically a part. The online content has been specifically designed to engage young people and make them feel a part of the community over the weekend. We believe God will come and change lives! Click the button below to download and share our document for Young People so they can find out more about the weekend and get excited!

The weekend will consist of both recorded and live content, beginning on Friday night and ending on Sunday morning. There will be worship, teaching, prayer, community, fun and opportunities to serve others.

Download our Parents/Leaders information document below with everything you need to know about Autumn Soul 2020 and running it in your church. Registration closes Sunday 11th October.

“A safe space for those exploring faith, living out their faith and those who have questions about faith.”


About the Event

Autumn Soul is aimed at young people aged between 13 – 18 years old. It is a safe place for those exploring faith, living out their faith and who have questions about faith.
This year Autumn Soul is going ONLINE!

Join us online in your local churches or individuals homes (depending on government and Church guidelines). Please refer to the Parents/Leaders document for advice and suggestions around using the online content and how to “bring” young people this year!

Yes, please refer to the Parents/Leaders document above for a timetabled outline of the programme this year.

You can also download our “Young People Info” document above to share with your young people before the event. We have included information on our theme, timetables, main speaker, seminars, worship, prayer and fun to get them excited for the weekend!

Autumn Soul has been purposely designed to give young people the space they need to meet Jesus in fresh ways and encounter the Holy Spirit. But it’s not just about feeling safe, warm and cosy, it’s about taking up the challenge to advance in our walk with Christ and serve Him with all our heart.

At the heart of Autumn Soul:

  • Worship & teaching: Biblical teaching and space to praise. Allowing us to intentionally seek Gods presence and opening ourselves up to deeper relationship with Him.
  • Community & fun: Helping young people across the connexion know that they are part of something bigger and that fun and relationship matters.
  • Service: Opportunities for young people and young adults to use their gifts and hone their talents to bless others.
  • Prayer: Space to be prayed for safely, creative ways to pray and communicate with God.


Registration will be through an online booking form.

  • Youth Leaders: Click the button above labelled “Register Now” to register your young people as a group.
  • Guardian/parents with a child who is not a part of a group, please contact IMYC via email for a separate booking form.
This year the weekend will cost £/€10pp.
  • Unlimited access to online content over weekend
  • Each young person will recieve a goodie pack. This includes: Branded Face covering, Journal for main worship sessions, Autumn Soul Lanyard and T-shirt

Running the event

  • Access to online content: You will be given a unique access code/url for the official Autumn Soul 2020 website page. This will give you complete access to the full weekend of content: LIVE hosting from IMYC, worship, prayer, seminars, main teaching sessions, quizzes and games (LIVE and prerecorded).
  • Additional resources: Once registered leaders will get access to ideas and different ways they can use the online content provided, blending it with face to face (within government and church guidelines).
  • Internet Connection: With a lot of our churches going online, internet accessibility is better than it ever has been. We encourage you to use your church buildings.
  • Space: A space and a place that is big enough to comply with government guidelines at the time. We would be encouraging the use of the church sanctuary for example as this may be the biggest space in your churches – or maybe its the church hall.
  • Sound/Audio/Visual Tech: Laptop, projector screen, projector, speakers. These are all things you may want to consider to stream the event in good quality.
  • Prayer device: We also require a separate device (not a mobile phone) to avail of Prayer ministry e.g. IPad/Laptop
  • Event phone with camera: There will be times when we would like leaders to film/ record young people doing different activities. Or young people will need to send to you as the group leader. So as to not have content on your own personal mobile, try and source another phone. There will be someone, somewhere who will have a spare mobile phone in their homes and all you need is a simple pay as you go sim card. We will be communicating through WhatsApp throughout the weekend as far as possible.
Check out our Parents/Leaders document which includes advice and suggestions on running the event (page 8 includes three formats you can use depending on your group/access to facilities).

We serve a God for whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. If you have a sense that he is asking you to try something and you don’t think you can, then do come and seek help from IMYC (sooner rather than later). As Gillian Gilmore our Team Leader said at the meeting “Do come and talk to us”. We want to help!