“IMYC exists to love and serve children and young people and those who lead them, desiring to help them take their place in God’s Mission through the local, connexional and world Church.”

We want to facilitate a two-way process of communication across the generational boundaries so that every generation in church life is appreciated, listened to, affirmed and encouraged to take their place in God’s Mission. Sounds great but… as you know, that is not an easy task.

It involves representing and advocating youth and children’s issues within the whole life of the Church. It means training and supporting ministers, youth and children’s workers and volunteer leaders as they pass on faith to the next generation. It involves giving young people and children the opportunity to encounter God and develop their gifts and skills by organising youth and children’s events and programmes throughout Ireland.

IMYC has always evaluated what it has been doing to try and improve the activities and training that it offers to the wider church. Out of our most recent review six different areas of our work were highlighted for us to focus on. These included communications, districts, governance, events, training and resources. We have developed strategy around these which we will be implementing over the next few years.

Child Care Society

The Methodist Child Care Society is responsible to the executive of IMYC. The Society is the means by which we can reach out to families within the Methodist Connexion in Ireland who are experiencing financial hardship. Download the MCCS application form here.


Gillian’s responsibilities include:

> Leadership and management of the staff team
> Ensuring the Implementation of the vision and strategy of IMYC
> Employment of youth and children’s workers
> Training and consultations
> Advocacy and representation on Methodist committees and involvement with wider youth and children’s sector organisations.

DANI LORIMERAdministrator
Dani’s responsibilities include:

> General enquiries
> Police checks – in the RoI & NI
> Bookings for events and training
> Finance
> Office management

LEANNE HILLTraining & Development Officer
Leanne’s responsibilities include:

> Advice and consultancy around youth and children’s ministry
> Coordination of training and resourcing for youth and children’s ministry
> Support and training for employed Youth/Children/Family workers
> Assists with TOM training and development

<b>LISA BEST</b>
LISA BESTYouth Ministry Co-ordinator
Lisa’s responsibilities include:

> Autumn Soul weekend
> Overflow weekend
> Young leaders training
> Youth ministry training and resourcing
> Summer programme

GEMMA BARCLAYYouth Ministry Worker
Gemma’s responsibilities include:

> Team on Mission Programme
> Youth ministry training and resourcing
> Youth event support including Autumn Soul, Overflow and School of Worship

NICKY BLAIRConnexional Safeguarding Officer
Nicky is the Connexional Safeguarding Officer for the Methodist Church in Ireland.

For information on Safeguarding training dates and documents, please go to the Safeguarding page which can be found on our Training & Resources tab above.

AMY ANDERSONCommunications Officer
Amy’s responsibilities include:

> Website management and development
> Social Media management
> Preparation of articles, promotional materials and external communications
> Event support


“ Our aim as a department is to make sure you feel valued, supported and resourced in all you do.”

We are so blessed in the Methodist Church to have so many people willing to be involved in youth and children’s activities, whether that is through their own local church or IMYC events. Our aim as a department is to make sure you feel valued, supported and resourced in all you do. To facilitate that we have to gather information to communicate with you, to make events happen and to develop the work.
We take seriously the need to keep safe any data we hold on you as a volunteer or employed worker. You will see in this policy how we intend to do that! If you have any questions about what data we hold on you or what we do with it, please feel free to contact us and you will see how to do that in the policy. To read more about our data protection policy, please click here to download our Data Protection handbook.


Enabling you to work effectively with childrens & young people