IMYC is available to provide training in many areas of youth and children’s ministry as well as in safe guarding! The staff here have a wealth of expertise they are willing to share with you and if they don’t know they will sign post you to someone who does! Below are the upcoming training dates, they include safeguarding training and district training events.

Members of staff are also available on request so please do feel free to contact our Training and Development Officer for availability and details at


Mentoring for faith
that will last

Young people need significant adults in their lives outside of the family context, role models and people to journey with them as they explore faith. Mentoring either in small groups or one-2-one is a great way of catalysing good relationships between the generations and can be a great discipleship tool. This session will give mentors the basic training they need to get started and provide initial resources (a 6 week resource) and signpost to further resources.  (This can be split into 2 sessions for a more in-depth exploration).

Key Learning

> What is mentoring?
> A biblical perspective
> Qualities to bring to the mentoring relationship
> Asking good questions and active listening
> Getting started (includes safeguarding guidelines)
> The resources you need

Expecting big things from a
small youth group

Bigger isn’t always better. If you are a church or leader who has a small group of young people you could be grappling with questions such as; How do I play games with a small group? How do we do worship when there are so few of us? How do we help them grow in faith? How do we grow in numbers? This session aims to address these issues and give practical tools to help young people grow in faith, in their sense of belonging to the family of God and work out how to live out their faith.

Key learning

> Small is beautiful – exploring the positives and challenges of a small youth group
> Enabling young people to grow in faith and feel significant to the local church
> Enabling mission through a small group of young people
> Tools and resources for games, worship and programme for use with small groups

Praying for others
(Prayer ministry training)

It is important that those who take part in prayer ministry as part of their role as a youth leader or in a church run public event are trained and understand the guidelines that the local church are prepared to stand over. This session will cover praying for young people in a youth group context as well as the context of a worship service or event. It will also deal with the safeguarding challenges and guidelines necessary for keeping both young people and leaders safe.

Key learning

> why people seek out prayer ministry and why we pray for others
> Exploration of biblical principles surrounding praying for others
> Preparing ourselves for praying for others
> Exploring the practicalities and good practice when praying
> Hearing God and leading someone to Christ

The Basics of Youth Work

This session will give an overview of what youth work is and how we begin to do it. It will look at some techniques and skills that can be used to work with varying numbers, ages and make-up of youth groups. Time will also be spent thinking about how we work as a team, practicalities of recruiting volunteers and putting a programme together.

Key Learning

> Introduction to youth work
> Biblical framework underpining youth work
> Practical skills and resources for working with young people
> Team work and programming

Games & Icebreakers

An essential element of every good youth group session. This workshop will have a brief theory element with lots of play time to follow as we have fun with some new games and some creative spins on the good old favourites.

Key Learning

> Why games
> Creative ideas for youth programmes
> How to introduce, develop and apply games