What is Soul Mates?

Soul Mates Weekend is our National event for 9-13 year olds from 2-4 March 2018. It is a family that opens the bible, sings songs and has fun. We want children and young people to have a safe, nurturing environment to learn about God, the Bible and themselves, through energetic and engaging worship, teaching, entertainment and workshops.

Soul Mates is unashamedly about Jesus we are a worship & teaching event. Soul Mates Weekend is organised by IMYC with a group of volunteers who spend the year putting the programme together. We have a talented band of musicians and singers to lead worship, a trained prayer team, an enthusiastic bunch of stewards and a team of professional sound, visual & lighting engineers.

Who can come to Soul Mates?


Anyone between the ages of 9 and 13 is allowed to come, provided that they are accompanied by a leader. Whilst Soul Mates is not solely for Christian or churched children, the primary focus of the weekend is worship and teaching, so an explanation of what will happen would be a good thing for the children to hear, especially before the weekend.

What will happen?

  • Worship & Teaching on Friday night, Saturday morning & evening and Sunday morning
  • Seminars after worship on Saturday morning (two of each) and workshops after lunch (two of each)
  • Entertainment on Friday night after worship (multiple venues) and our world famous SoulStars talent competition after worship on Saturday night

Here’s how ya book yourself in…

Seminars Booking

Workshops Booking

Here’s all the information you need…

The complete guide.
All in one PDF

1. How to book

2. Leader’s Guide

3. Consent Forms

4. Seminars Information

5. Workshops Information

6. SoulStars Booking Form

7. Travel Information

8. Age Range Letter

9. Hoodie Information

10. Dear Parents, things to bring!

11. SMWK Map of Lurgan