We are asking our wonderful Team on Mission to give us a quick recap after each mission, so you guys get an idea of where they were, what they were up to and what God was doing! We are excited by all the God stories in our church and Team on Mission are a part of that. Take a look at what they had to say about their first mission, which was the Soulmates House Party in Ardfallen, Cork.

Our first mission of the year was the Soulmates House Party in Ardfallen in Cork. It was a long journey but we made it in one piece. It was run by Nicky Blair and Paul Maxwell. The meetings were really good fun. We did dramas and action songs in each one, which we enjoyed as much as the kids! Prayer was the theme for the weekend and during each meeting, the different speakers used a different Psalm to illustrate a different aspect of prayer. Anna and Gavin led prayer responses after each talk and it was lovely to see the kids respond to God by praying in creative ways. We were all put into small groups with the kids as well, so we got great opportunities to discuss with the what they were learning and to pray with them.

On Saturday, we did different seminars with the kids. There was Bible Study, Prayer, Serving, and Worship and in each one, the children got to learn about the topic and how to use it or apply it in their lives. We all got to help with one of the seminars and shared some of our experience on the topic. Then we did some workshops with them, which included messy games, and cupcake decorating. After that we split into our small group to film music videos and TV advertisements. We recorded and edited them on our phones. The children loved it because they got to direct and act in their own videos. Then, that night, was the Gala Ball, where we showed all the music videos and ads. It was presented by P Tilly and Indiana Jonas. At the end of the night, awards were presented to the groups for their videos and there was a disco. We all had a brilliant night!

The next day we said our goodbyes and headed off to lead the church services in Bandon and Youghal. Gavin and Rebekka went to Bandon. They led the two services there. The first one was in the Gateway, which is a part of Bandon Methodist Church. They took part in the worship and led the service, which was themed the Lord’s Prayer. Ross Jonas from Play It By Ear was there and he spoke and narrated a drama for the team. The second service was very similar, but also quite a different type of service. The congregations were really welcoming and friendly. Meanwhile, Anna, Amy and Andrew went to Youghal Methodist Church. The service was also on the Lord’s Prayer. They led the worship, performed a drama and did the kid’s talk, all of which revolved around prayer. Nicky Blair did the sermon, talking about how to pray rather than what to pray and how the Lord’s Prayer was more than just what we say. They really enjoyed meeting the congregation, who were really warm and welcoming, and sharing communion with them.

All in all, our first mission was full of laughter, new friendships, and new experiences for all of us. It was a very memorable weekend.