It’s now been 3 months since Stephen McCann has moved on from working with us at IMYCD (sad times), and we thought, it’s about time that we shared some news on what he’s up to in Ibiza. As part of being able to follow what he is doing, Stephen writes a blog every month. Take a wee look at what he had to say:

Hello! Welcome to February!

It seems we are finally out of a very rainy season here in Ibiza with a few warm & dry days this week!

Thank you to all those who have been in contact, who are continuing to support me and the work out here, and who are regularly asking for prayer requests and checking in – it really means a lot.

It was wonderful to have time over Christmas at home with family and friends, and especially wonderful to have a new addition to my family – my niece, Holly! It was fantastic to be at home when she was born and to get to meet her before coming back to San Antonio.

Stephen McCann, who used to work with us as
Youth Ministry Worker and is now working for
24/7 Prayer in Ibiza.

Since we’ve been back in Ibiza January has flown by – we moved into our new apartment which we had just confirmed just before Christmas, which has been such a blessing and more than we could have asked for – it really feels like home already and will be a great place to host people and welcome people into! Thank you to those of you who prayed endlessly for us to find a suitable place to live – God went above and beyond in answering your prayers. It has been great to already have some visitors stay with us, Brian Heasley from 24-7 prayer, and Dave Slinn who will be moving out to lead the work of 24-7 Ibiza.

I’ve also been going to salsa classes this month – for those of you that know me well, you’ll know I’m not a dancer, and don’t do this kind of thing – but it’s been a great way to get to know people and to get out into the community and see some Spanish culture!

One of our main focuses has been getting out into the community over the last month, finding different events to go to and ways to connect with people, and trying to be in the places they are. It’s interesting in the winter season when many people aren’t about, but it’s been great to bump into people in the street and be able to have people over for dinner and just to look for ways to bless those around us.

This month we’ve had some of the usual stuff, keeping up with admin for summer teams and that preparation, sorting things in the 24-7 centre to begin the big clean up for the season, continuing with our own paperwork to become residents here in Ibiza, meeting with people and getting to know people in the community, and a few other things as well – but most of us prefer pictures, so here are some snapshots to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to!

We’ve been getting out and about in Ibiza with
the Hampsons who live in Ibiza town and serve 24-7 there,
and have others join us for walks and meals along the way!