IMYC among the districts…

by Leanne Hill, Training and Development Officer

As part of our strategy to work as closely with the local church as possible, each member of staff is also a part of district meetings of youth and children’s ministries across the island. Here is a taste of what Leanne was experiencing when she met with her district in Portadown:

On Monday 23rd January, I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours in Richhill Methodist Church with a group of youth and children’s volunteers from around the Portadown District. We spent some time at the beginning being reminded of God’s incredible gift of love that compels us to share that incredible gift with the children and young people we serve. Looking around the room at leaders of all ages, I felt humbled and privileged to play a small part in supporting them as they endeavour to serve in their local context. As we celebrated the work going on across the district and shared stories, there was a sense of unity in the room. Along with the celebration, we also recognise that there are challenges we face as youth and children’s leaders but we believe that these times where we come together are significant as we encourage, support, share and pray for one another. We are excited to see what is going on across our island and we long to see God’s Kingdom come in the lives of the children and young people we love. Acts 2 v 42-47 challenges us to be devoted to one another, to share all that we have and to never stop meeting together. Imagine what could happen if we lived this out? I am not only excited for what is happening right now, I am also expectant for the future.

Leanne Hill
Training & Development Officer with IMYC